Previous article shows you how to figure out your daymaster element and DM strength of your birthday using  After you have found the data, check the following table to find your personalized sound of wealth:


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You should belong to one of the 5 groups listed above. Each group consists of two choices– yang (element) or yin (element) like yang Jia-wood or yin Yi-wood.

Depending on whether you are a strong or weak DM, you check the appropriate column for your personalized sound of wealth.  For example, if you are a weak metal DM, your wealth sound is metal.

To summarize, if the “supporting elements” in your chart are:

  • smaller than 39%– you are likely a weak DM
  • between 40- 50%– about balanced DM or slightly tilted towards strong DM (if 45%+) or slightly tilted towards weak DM (if 40- 44%)
  • larger than 50%– you are likely a strong DM

If you are in the “40- 50%” group, you may use the sound for either strong or weak DM.  But it may be better to try the strong one first if your supporting score is 45%+ and then the weak one if the strong one does not work well (and vice versa for 44% or below).


Your personalized sound of wealth must be generated by the hitting or striking of two identical elements.  For example, if wood sound is your personalized wealth sound, you must use two wooden objects to generate the sound and not use something like a wooden guitar or a flute.

To generate wood, metal and earth sound, the easiest and inexpensive way is getting a wind chime with corresponding element.  It needs more creativity with water and fire sound.  Below are some suggestions.  You can create your own sound generating devices.

  1. Metal sound:  copper bells, metal wind chimes, gone, cymbals 
  2. Wood sound:  wood/ bamboo wind chimes
  3. Earth sound:   clay/glass/ ceramic bottles wind chimes,  
  4. Water sound:  water fountain, fish-tank with air-pump
  5. Fire sound:  fireplace burning wood;  red painted wooden wind chimes

Ideally, put your wealth sound generator in your personalized wealth position (check my past articles for your position).  You can also put it close to where you sit or work most of the time.  I have attached a long pull string to my wooden wind chimes and pull it a few times when I feel bored or need to make wealth related decisions like buying stocks.

You cannot generate something (like wealth) from nothing. To activate this wealth exchange with the universe, make a small donation to your local charity.

I do not explain the theories behind this personalized wealth sound or this article will be too long.  If you are really curious, take my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” video course listed below.

Do not expect huge money coming in.  This technique increases the personalized wealth energy around you to help you grab the otherwise missing wealth opportunities.  It may help more if you are in wealth luck period.  I have personally tested this technique for over a year and found it works pretty well.

Troubleshooting:  If your choice of personalized wealth sound does not work after a month or two,  you may have a “special” or non-standard Bazi chart.  Try the other personalized wealth sound (i.e., if you have tried the strong one and does not work, try the weak one).   If none work, you probably are in a wealth-losing luck period.  Please consult a Bazi reader or take my Bazi course.

Feng Shui precautions:  do not put your sound generator in San-Sha, Grand Duke, annual star 5 and 2 locations.  Check my past article on the exact locations for 2018.

Ken Lai

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