Note:  The article below was written for my Bazi groups in last October.


Today is your lucky day.  Here is a so-called “Blindman secret“.

When there are two tigers (yin) in a natal chart and no ram (wei) and pig (hai) to “feed” the tigers, these are “hungry tigers” (rat, rooster, dog and monkey can’t be tiger food).
If there is pig and ram in the chart, these tigers are called “stomach-full tigers“.  “Stomach-full tigers” do not hurt people.
Hungry tigers will hurt people, but is limited to male charts– jinxing wife, most likely to death..  Female chart with hungry tigers won’t hurt people. 

For your future mate-selection jobs (or for your own children), make sure the male suitor’s chart has  “stomach-full tigers” if there are 2 tigers in the chart. 
Ken’s comment: Female chart with hungry tigers won’t hurt people” because women are smarter– keeping the poor man alive to work his behind off OR divorcing him to collect alimony.  Dead husband does not get her paychecks.

This article still draws discussion this month.  One female member told me that she was lucky to have escaped her ex with hungry tigers chart.

Ken Lai


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