Note:  Below is an article that I wrote for my Feng Shui groups a few days ago.

In Feng Shui, the front yard or ming-tang (a.k.a. “bright-hall”) of a house is its “wealth potential”.  The bigger the ming-tang, the higher is its wealth potential.

But modern apartments have no ming-tang.  Instead, the living room is the “inner ming-tang” and also the wealth potential of its Feng Shui.

Hence, you want your inner ming-tang as big as possible, even for house with a front yard.  You also keep it clean and bright for wealth enhancement.

I have been conducting an experiment on using inner ming-tang to enhance wealth in the last few months.

I am an night owl and work in late nights when there is no interruptions.  In the past, I just turn on the lights in my work area.  The living room lights were off since no one was there.

My experiment is simple– turn on all the living room lights while I work at night even no one is there.  Essentially, living room lights are always ON during the night when someone is awake.

Result:   Money does NOT rushing in, but coming in gradually (if I get-rich-quick using this method, I likely will not bother to write this post!) .  It does not make you rich.  But you can feel overall income increases gradually if you compare it with past statistics.  My course sales usually is low after Christmas and New Year (people have credit card bills to pay after the new year).  But this year it is much better than last year due to an influx of new students.

To save electricity with this wealth enhancement method, I use LED light bulbs which consume 10% of electricity to that of traditional tungsten light bulbs.  9W LED bulb (60W equivalent) costs US$1 each or less in USA now.  The upgrade cost will pay for itself with saving in electricity, not to mention the possible wealth enhancement bonus.

You do not need to turn on your living room light when there is no one in the house.  Feng Shui needs human presence to have effect.

You may send 10% of your increase income to my PayPal account or any charity of your choice.
Ken Lai

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