My blog articles on penalties are consistently within the top-3 most read in this blog.  2018 is the year of dog.  Dog or Xu-earth is one of the 3-penalities elements in xu-chou-wei 3-penalties.  Many people are scared.  I get more “views” on this dog penalty keyword in the last few months.  There are few specific info on penalties even in Chinese sources.

Below are more penalty related secrets to feed your curiosity.  I do not repeat the info that I have posted before here.




  • yin-si or si-shen penalty: prone to suffer traffic accidents
  • shen-yin penalty:  traffic accident or injury by metal objects



  • xu-chou or xu-wei penalty:  misfortune due to negative peach blossom (romance)
  • chou-wei:  facing obstacles/ obstructions in life


  • Disharmony with people, difficult to conceive (baby)



  • you-you or wu-wu penalty:  hurt by negative romance
  • chen-chen penalty:  lawsuit and imprisonment
  • hai-hai penalty:  hurting legs or head

In general, don’t wet your pants when seeing 3-penalties in your chart.  You need to read the whole chart with luck periods to determine if it is negative or not.  Sometimes, people suddenly becoming rich and famous when 3-penalties hit (but there are also people died too).  Time to hire a Bazi reader or take my Bazi courses.

Ken Lai

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