loserThis article is about what will happen to the “losers”  in terms of their Bazi natal chart and 2018 wu-xu earth-dog year.

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THE “LOSERS”– earth is UNFAVORABLE to natal chart 

Wu-earth and xu-earth are both earth elements.  So 2018 wu-xu year is a year with strong earth energy.  If the unfavorable element or “ji-shen” (“annoying god”) of your natal chart is earth,  2018 will be likely “bluer than blue” or not great for you.  Below is what earth luck means for different daymasters (DM).

  1. Earth means peers  (bi-jian/ jie-cai) for Wu-earth and Ji-earth DM– losing wealth, suffering backstabbing or being implicated to legal problems due to friends, siblings, partners, colleagues; health problems; also jinxing wife and father.
  2. Earth means output/ talent  (shang-guan/ shi-shen) for Bing-fire and ding-fire DM– illness, injury, problem with authority figures or legal problems for these DM.
  3. Earth means wealth (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) for Jia-wood and Yi-wood DM– with extra strong earth this year,  wood DMs may lose major wealth due to illness, being scammed or bad investment.  They also likely suffer illness and work problem.  Their father may get sick.  Men likely have marital problems or affairs.
  4. Earth means power  (zheng-guan/ qi-sha) for Ren-water and Gui-water DM– bad career luck, lawsuit, tainted reputation, injuries and sickness and problems with authority figures for these people.  For females, this could also mean bad romance.
  5. Earth means resource (zheng-yin/ pian-yin) for Geng-metal and Xin-metal DM– tainting reputation, work/contract/ housing problems and sickness.

Charts with chen-xu clash may more negative because earth clashing earth resulting in more unfavorable earth!  This could mean illness or accident.

For the same reason, charts with chou-xu-wei 3-penalties will be more negative.  It could be major illness (involving digestive system or kidney), accident or even death.

As usual, you need to look at the whole natal chart with luck periods to see the “whole picture” and not just look at the earth factor alone.  Hopefully you have one of those “Telfon charts” that never sticks with bad luck elements because somehow other elements in the chart or luck period will always turn the negative element into neutral or even positive.  For example, if your chart has gui-water combining wu-earth into fire and wu-fire also turning (combining) xu-earth into fire—  suddenly your chart has more fire and not the bad earth!

If unfortunately you are in this “losers” group, you may consult a Bazi reader and Feng Shui teacher for advice to mitigate the negative effect of earth.  Or you can take my courses below (click for details):

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