garageParking with no roof is just “parking space”.  Garage is defined as car parking space with “protection” or at least 3 sides protected except the exit.

Cars usually create movements when running in and out of a garage everyday.  Therefore, it affects the well-being of residents significantly because it is movement that “activates” good or bad energies.

Followings are different approaches to garage Feng Shui:

1. Garage Feng Shui based on 5-elements

Garage is metal element in nature.  Therefore, the best locations for garage are:  west, northwest, northeast and southwest.  Worst location is the south because it is fire in nature.

2. Garage Feng Shui based on Flying Stars

Garage should be put in 1-white-water, 6-white-earth, 7-red-metal or 8-white-earth star locations.  It should not be put in 2-black-earth, 5-yellow-earth or 9-purple-fire locations.  Specifically, garage should not be located in regions with the following flying star combinations: 1-5, 2-5 (the worst!), 2-3, 3-5, 9-9, 7-9, 5-7 and 4-5.  Garage located in locations with these star combinations are prone to car accidents, bloody events and even deaths. 

3. Garage Feng Shui based on house and garage sitting/facing

House and garage sitting and facing should avoid the following mountains: gui/ ren, gui/ chou, yin/ jia, jia/ yin, yi/ chen, chen/ yi, si/ bing, bing/ si, ding/ wei, wei/ ding, shen/ geng, geng/ shen, xin/ xu and xu/ xin.  Mountain” is based on Feng Shui’s 24 mountains or directions (Google search for diagrams or see the one in previous blog on Minimalist Feng Shui).  You can figure out the rationale behind these mountain locations if you understand 5-elements theory and Bazi.

Master-bedroom or the office of owner/ manager should not be on top of a garage.  It is not good for health and wealth.  

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