This is a “green” article recycled from last year with updates.  If you are darn lazy, simply read the following picture and go back to your sweet dream.

No digging/ movements in regions with blue arrows:

  • Region between 142.5- 217.5 degrees  (San Sha and 5-yellow locations)
  • 247.5- 292.5 degrees (2-black star)– use metal cure
  • 292.5- 307.5 degrees (Grand Duke)
  • 112.5- 127.5 degrees (Sui-Po or year-breaker)

Minimalist Feng Shui”  here fixes only 2-5, 5-5, and 9-5 star combinations in regions with activities.  You don’t need to put up remedies or Feng Shui monsters in all 9-palaces of your house, especially in region with no activity like storage room or guest room.

This year Sui-po (year-breaker) is in the 8-wealth star region.  Be very careful with the location where you put your water-fountain or other wealth-enhancement monsters.

You should do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in any of the above locations with blue arrow (mountains/ palace).  San-sha and 5-Yellow star share the same location this year.  Make sure you do not provoke their “anger” by digging and movements there.

People with dragon and dog zodiac signs should avoid seeing corpse being put into a coffin or burial for this year if they don’t want bad luck and sickness.

Yang nobleman sign for this year is Chou (ox).  Yin nobleman is Wei (ram).

2018 Wu-xu Feng Shui year will start on February 4 @ 5:30 am.  Remember to move your Feng Shui monsters/ remedies before that time.  Do a house-cleaning/ cleansing on Feb. 3 if you have suffered misfortunes during 2017 ding-you year.

Ken Lai 

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