Last year, I have written about “meaning of no wealth element in natal chart“.  This time we explore the opposite:  chart with too many wealth elements.  


Daymaster (DM) is “bossed” around by wife; prone to sickness and injuries.

  1. DM is prone to disasters, gossips and legal problems related to wealth and women
  2. DM has little or no culture or study luck, is likely less educated.
  3. DM has few or no leadership skills.  Subordinates are likely not heeding his commands.
  4. DM is likely making money through physical labor or making “risky money“.
  5. DM is likely greedy, stingy, doing anything for money, “money first”
  6. DM “prefers money over righteousness“, materialistic,  “loves ease and comfort and hates work” type
  7. DM jinxes mother; mother likely suffers chronic illness or disasters with premature death

As usual, there are exceptions to the above, like if wealth element is favorable or unfavorable and DM is strong or weak.  You need to look at other elements of the chart to make predictions.


Ken Lai 

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