Will your husband cheat?  Believe it or not, the answer may be found in your own Bazi chart!cheatHubby

In Bazi, power stars (zheng-guan/ qi-sha) represent husband/ boy friend for women.  To check if your husband will cheat or not, you look at the interactions of power stars with your peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai) in your own Bazi chart.  If there is/ are interactions would mean potential signs of cheating husbands or boy friends.  It could also mean long courtship/ cohabitation with separations as ending.

If your natal chart meets any one of the following conditions, your husband is a potential cheater:

  1. Peer star snatches power star“(比劫夺官 ):  Peer stars are daymaster’s (DM) sisters, friends of same gender and colleagues.  Power star is husband.  When peer star snatching power star happens, it means close friend or even sister has “snatched” DM’s husband away or simply having affair with DM’s husband.  The likelihood is higher when peer and power star are in the same pillar.  If peer star and power star show up in stem level, it means they have the affair openly without fear.  If both stars are in the branch level, the affair is going on in secret.
  2.   Power star is combined away (官杀被合 ):  Power star represents a woman DM’s husband.  When it is combined away means her husband is taken away .  For example, bing-fire is the power star of xin-metal female DM.  If there is another xin-metal in the chart, especially if it is next to bing-fire, the probability of xin-metal DM losing her husband to another female will be high.
  3. Peer star in day-branch (日支见比劫星 ):  Day-branch is the location of spouse palace or husband in a chart.  This palace prefers seeing wealth or power but not peer star.  If peer star is unfavorable in the chart, mistress may likely show up.

For example:  female chart 

  • YEAR:  Gengwu
  • DAY:   Yi-you
  • MONTH:  Geng-yin
  • HOUR:  Geng-chen

Female Geng-metal DM’s husband is wu-fire.  Wu-fire is in the year pillar.  This means her husband is likely from far away or out of state/ province.  Wu-fire is surrounded by metal (this means peer stars snatching him away).  This women had many unsuccessful romances with out-of-state boy friends.

If your chart does not see any power star, never mind if your husband will cheat or not, worry about how to get a husband first.  Usually this means you may have problem getting a husband or lacking relationship with husband if getting one.


Male readers may find a new explanation for cheating– “wife’s chart shows that I will cheat“.  Female readers can tell their hubbies why they keep following them or put a male chastity belt on them in certain periods.  However, there are subtle and low profile Bazi remedies than these in-your-face fixes.

For possible Bazi remedies, you may take these courses:

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With Bazi knowledge, one can predict when the cheating episode may happen and do preventive measures.  It is also possible to check if your boy friend or husband will cheat or not by reading his Bazi chart too (equal opportunity Bazi reading here).  This may be a future post.

Ken Lai

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