The meanings of major branch clashes in a Bazi chart are summarized as follow:


  1. Zi-wu clash:  instability, insecurity, changes, movement and moving
  2. Mao-you clash:  affairs, lust, disputes or losing wealth due to lust; friends become enemies
  3. Yin-shen clash:  nosy, minding/ interfering with other people’s business
  4. Si-hai clash:  too eager to help; nosy
  5. Chen-xu clash:  jinxing or injury to close relatives, especially wife and children
  6. Chou-wei clash:  encountering obstacles all the time


  • Zi-wu-mao-you 4-cardinal clash:  clash in geographical locations or changing residence but not job/ career 
  • Chen-xu-chou-wei 4-storages clash:  changing job/ career but not geographical location or residence
  • Yin-shen-si-hai 4-sub-cardinal clash:  changes in both residence and job/ career 


  1. Year and month pillar clash:   leaving hometown to make a living
  2. Month and day pillar clash:  marital problems; disharmony in the family
  3. Day and hour pillar clash:  little or no relationship/ karma with children; cannot depend on children for support or suffering during old age
  4. Hour and year pillar clash:  little or no relationship/ karma with grandparent generations
  5. Day and year pillar clash:  little or no relationship/ karma with grandparent generations

If month pillar clashes day pillar, it is likely marriage related.  If day pillar clashes month pillar, it is likely family relationship/ harmony related.

P.S.  Someone claim the above info as “Blindman Bazi School perspective on clashes“.  If one believes, one must have been born yesterday.   Similar info can be found in most standard Bazi texts written hundred of years ago.  This is a known marketing scheme in certain parts of Asia to label any Bazi info as “Blindman School” and tempt people to buy the same Bazi info again.

Ken Lai

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