Below is the Bazi chart of the Las Vegas mass-shooting gunman and the day chart when the shooting had occurred.  Birth hour of the gunman is an estimation.

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Grand Duke of 2017 is Ding-you or fire-rooster.  Rooster or “You” is metal in nature.  Gunman’s daymaster is Geng-metal.  In Bazi, You-metal is the “yang-knife” of Geng-metal.  Accidents, surgery and bloody events are likely to occur when yang-knife is clashed.  The Bazi element that clashes You-metal is Mao-wood or rabbit or simply strong wood formation.

Gunman’s current 10-year-luck period is Ji-you (earth-rooster).  This means he had been in a 10-year-luck of yang-knife since 2014.

If you look at the day/hour chart when the mass shooting occurred, you will see:

  1. the year is rooster (You-metal)
  2. the month is rooster (You-metal)
  3. the day is rooster (You-metal)
  4. gunman’s 10-year-luck is rooster (You-metal)

In short, when the shooting occurred, metal was very strong even without considering gunman’s 10-year-luck.  You-metal is the yang-knife of the gunman and dislikes being clashed.  Metal stands for guns here.

The likely Bazi reasons to explain this tragedy are:

  1. Grand Duke effect:  Grand Duke is clashed in gunman’s chart.
  2. Yang-knives are clashed:  by chance this year’s Grand Duke is also gunman’s yang-knife
  3. Strong metal is provoked:  strong metal is provoked by wood element or combinations in the chart.

I had found another serious traffic accident with numerous deaths and injuries happened on Sept. 22, 2017 in Hong Kong also had 3 roosters (you-metal) in the day chart.

The lesson here for date-selection is:  Do NOT choose a date/hour with 2+ roosters (You-metals) in the chart.  If you day of travel or event has 2+ roosters, do not go.  Accident resulting in injury or even death may occur.

RIP for victims of this shooting

Ken Lai