The term “ghost-gate” (鬼门) exists long before the term “Feng Shui” was coined.  You can find this term in the ancient text of Yi-jing.

Ancient text claims that “ghost-gate” is in northeast or Gen trigram, where spirits or ghosts entering or leaving.  Ancient people like to build temples on this location to facilitate spiritual communications.

Modern views do not think ghost-gate is really ghost-ridden, but the energy here is very “yin“.

There are two types of ghost-gate line.  The line at the center of northeast region (Gen trigram) is called “outward ghost-gate line表鬼门. The other one at the southwest (Kun trigram) is called “inner ghost-gate line里鬼门.

These two angles have the most “yin” energy within 360 degrees.

In terms of Feng Shui, doors, toilet seat, stove, fridge, air-conditioner, washing machine, hi-fi, TV, wealth position……, should not be placed on this ghost-gate line.  Inauspicious events or misfortune may happen if items with movements are placed on these ghost-gate lines.

Negative events will happen to male owner mostly if outward ghost-gate line is violated and to woman owner if inner ghost-gate line is provoked.

Negative effects will be more severe if main door sits on ghost-gate line.  It will be the worst if this door is also facing a T-junction or other form-sha energy like a “sickle sha” or “heart-piercing sha“.

Ken Lai

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