How do you check if your spouse is prone to be “snatchedspouseSnatch away by another person or a “cheating heart”?

Below is a list of Bazi or 4-pillars conditions in a chart that will have love competitions or “spouse-snatcher” showing up:

Male chart with numerous peer stars (bi-jian/ jie-cai) Zheng-cai (+wealth) star stands for wife and pian-cai (-wealth) mistress for man.  Peer stars are the competitions that want to snatch your love.  This is especially valid for man DM with yang stems like jia, bing, wu, geng and ren.  If natal chart and/or luck period comes another +peer (bi-jian),  someone is preying on your wife or lover.  For example, ren-water male DM has another ren in his natal chart and/or another ren coming from luck period. 

Female chart with numerous output stars (shang-guan/ shi-shen) Shang-guan (+ouput) and shi-shen (-output) stars attracts opposite sex but also the cause of losing one’s love.  This is especially valid if +output is in the month-branch or day-branch.   It means her spouse may find another competition for you

Female DM with yin stem like yi, ding, ji, xin and gui — if her natal chart and/or luck period comes another -peer (bi-jian),  someone is preying on your husband or lover.  For example, ding-fire female DM has another ding-fire in her natal chart and/or another ding coming from luck period.

When luck period clashes or combines with one’s spouse palace (day-branch)           — assuming you have already married or with a steady partner, when this happens, there will be turbulence in your relationship.  This is especially likely when bi-jian or peach-blossom star (zi, wu, mao, or you) clashes or combines with spouse palace.

When the wealth star of a male chart combines with luck period — this is the signal of another woman coming into the system.  Wealth star stands for wife and mistress for man.

When the power star of a female chart combines with luck period — this is the signal of another man coming into the system.  Power star stands for husband and lover for woman.


Whether your spouse or partner is guilty of cheating or not, is not always clearcut.  It could be the “script” or fate already written in your natal Bazi chart.  The best strategy is to read the natal charts of yourself and your potential partner before going “steady”.  If it is too late to do that, read the chart for the most dangerous years and avoid or keep an eye on opposite sex interactions during the period.  There are some possible preventive remedies shown in my “Destiny and Luck management” courses (see below for details).

Ken Lai

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