wealth_chartPrevious post discusses about charts with little or no wealth star, the focus of this post is the opposite– charts with too many or strong wealth stars.

Before we begin, a quick lesson on the relationship between wealth star and other elements is needed.

In Bazi, using the daymaster (DM, chart owner) as center of reference, there are 5 possible scenarios:

  1. what I control” is wealth element to the daymaster.  Besides wealth, it also stands for wife and mistress for male.  Wealth produces power and controls resource stars.
  2. what I produce” is output element to the daymaster.  Besides talent/ IQ, it also stands for children.  Output produces wealth and controls power stars.
  3. what produces me” is resource element to the daymaster.  Besides reputation/ health, it also stands for mother or older generation. Resource produces peer (DM) and controls output stars.
  4. what controls me” is power element to the daymaster.  Besides career, it also stands for authority, boss and husband/ lovers for female.  Power produces resources and controls peer (DM) stars.
  5. same as me” is peer element to the daymaster.  Besides sibling/peers, it also stands for competitions, coworkers and friends.  Peer (DM) produces output and controls wealth stars.

Now comes to the “bad” news about having too many wealth elements in a chart:

1.  Bad for marital relationship

— strong wealth element in a male chart means multiple wives or mistress, especially there are -wealth (pian-cai) in the chart.

2.  Jinxing mother

— Wealth controls resource element.  Resource stands for mother.  Hence mother may be chronically sick, DM has bad relationship with mother or mother has obstacles in life.

3.  Producing below average or stupid kids

— Output stars produce wealth.  Strong wealth means output stars are drained to produce the wealth.  Output stars also stand for children.  Hence DM’s children may be stupid, underachievers, incapable, unfilial or “free-loading” type. 

4.  DM could be dirt poor!

— Weak DM with many wealth elements is actually poor with many desires!

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