Does it mean people with no wealth element in their natal charts will have problems enjoying wealth in their lives?

Bazi chart with no wealth star or element implies the chart owner (daymaster):

  1. Money- comes- money- goes” throughout his/ her life.  He or she may make big money and lose big money right the way, losing money with no good return, like being swindled, robbed or due to sickness or injury.
  2. He/ she has little or no karma (relationship) with father or father died prematurely or father is incapable.
  3. He has little or no karma (relationship) with wife and marries late
  4. He/ she has difficulties making money and is likely using physical labor to make a living (chart with output stars or shi-shang is the exception)
  5. He/ she lacks money management skills and likely to lose money on blind investment.

Are people with no wealth element doomed to be poor?  Not necessarily, there are billionaires with no wealth element in their charts.  There are people with numerous wealth elements in their charts but are poor.  Their secrets will be another article for the future.

Ken Lai

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