I have just read an article about earth’s shifting magnetic pole affecting the runway labels of Boeing airfield.


This article quotes NASA, “.… the magnetic north pole has crept northward by more than 600 miles since the early 19th century and is currently migrating northward about 40 miles per year.  When the magnetic poles shift more than five degrees, the rounded numbers used to designate runways need to be changed.

This natural phenomenon also affects Feng Shui measurements because Feng Shui formula (li-qi) depends on magnetic field.

If your house is sitting around the middle of a “mountain” (15 degrees region), shifting 1 or 2 degrees may not change the Feng Shui conditions much.  But if the house is within 2.5 degrees to the borderline of a mountain, it could fall into the “replacement star” region and even worse, small void line and even big void line (depending on the mountain).  Read the following blog articles for what happens if your house sits on a void line.

Therefore, one should have a new Feng Shui audit once every few years or at least do another magnetic measurement, to make sure your house does not fall into a void line. Read the following link of my void line articles for what happens if your house sits on a void line and other factors that may push your house into a void line other than earth’s shifting magnetic pole.


Ken Lai

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