woman_selectThe “Secret dating guide for men” post is one of the top 3 most popular posts in this blog month after month.  Being an equal opportunity discriminator, I write up the corresponding guide for women.

Similar to the “Secret dating guide for men“, this guide is a negative guide– what not to pick.  It will help women identify unfaithful men, horny dogs and wife-beaters with Bazi.

Don’t worry about not knowing anything about Bazi (or 4-Pillars).  The appendix below will show you how to calculate the “day branch” of your potential partner.

This dating guide shows you a list of male daymasters (DM or your potential mate) born in certain days of the year.  Women may want to think twice before taking the marriage vow with these men.  Men born in the days listed below are likely to be unfaithful husbands/partners or simply jinxing their wives (not in absolute sense, still need to see other elements in his chart or consult a Bazi reader).


Match the “day pillar” (birth day) of your potential mate to see if his chart has any of the following characteristics.

  1. Male chart with numerous or strong pian-cai (-wealth) elementsaffair

— “Pian-cai” (-wealth) stands for unstable love or affairs and mistress/lover.  Chart with numerous “pian-cai” means this man (DM) is likely fickle in love, lusty and disloyal.   If you find 2 or more “pian-cai” elements in a man’s chart, you probably should walk away.  Table below shows you how to spot “pian-cai” in a chart.

  • Jia-wood DM with wu– and/ or chen-/xu-earth in chart 
  • Yi -wood DM with ji– and/ or chou-/wei-earth in chart
  • Bing-fire DM with geng- and/ or shen-metal in chart
  • Ding-fire DM with xin– and/ or you-metal in chart
  • Wu-earth DM with ren– and/ or zi-water in chart
  • Ji-earth DM with gui– and/ or hai-water in chart
  • Geng-metal DM with jia– and/ or yin-wood in chart
  • Xin-metal DM with yi– and/ or mao-wood in chart
  • Ren-water DM with bing– and/ or si-fire in chart
  • Gui-water DM with ding– and/ or wu-fire in chart
  1. Chart with strong output star/s chasing wealth stars

— Output stars means “shang-guan” and “shi-shen“.  They represent DM’s desire and impulses (and also sex organ!).  Strong output stars in a chart means DM has strong sexual desire and is impulsive.  If the chart has weak or no power star to control this desire, DM is likely be a lustful person, especially if output star is with wealth star in the same pillar.   Output stars for:

  • Jia-wood DM are:  bing-, ding-, si– and wu-fire 
  • Yi-wood DM are:  bing-, ding-, si– and wu-firehorny
  • Bing-fire DM are:  wu-, ji-, chen-, xu-, chou- and wei-earth
  • Ding-fire DM are:  wu-, ji-, chen-, xu-, chou- and wei-earth 
  • Wu-earth DM are:  geng-, xin, shen– and you-metal
  • Ji-earth DM are:  geng-, xin, shen– and you-metal
  • Geng-metal DM are:  ren-, gui, zi- and hai-water
  • Xin-metal DM are:  ren-, gui, zi- and hai-water
  • Ren-water DM are:  jia-, yi, yin- and mao-wood
  • Gui-water DM are:  jia-, yi, yin- and mao-wood 
  1. DM with numerous peer stars

— Peer stars means “bi-jian” and “jie-cai” which stand for friends, sibling and colleagues.  In Bazi, there is a saying of “peer stars snatch wealth“.  Wealth means wife.  A strong male DM with numerous peer stars is likely “sharing” (“involuntarily” or unknowingly) a women with other men or simply jinxing wife (or wife runs away with another man!).  Besides, men with strong peer stars are likely have a impulsive personality and are possessive toward their spouses.  They are also potential wife-beaters if chart has no power star to control the peer stars.  Peer stars of:

  • Jia-wood DM are:  jia-, yi, yin- and mao-wood
  • Yi-wood DM are:  jia-, yi, yin- and mao-wood
  • Ding-fire DM are:  bing-, ding-, si– and wu-fire
  • Bing-fire DM are:  bing-, ding-, si– and wu-fire 
  • Wu-earth DM are:  wu-, ji-, chen-, xu-, chou- and wei-earth 
  • Ji-earth DM are:  wu-, ji-, chen-, xu-, chou- and wei-earth 
  • Geng-metal DM are:  geng-, xin, shen– and you-metal
  • Xin-metal DM are:  geng-, xin, shen– and you-metal
  • Ren-water DM are:  ren-, gui, zi- and hai-water
  • Gui-water DM are:  ren-, gui, zi- and hai-water 
  1. DM with “jie-cai” peer star in day branch or spouse palace

— Day branch is the spouse palace of a person.  “Jie-cai ” or peer star controls “cai” or wife and sits in spouse palace means jinxing wife.  This means divorce, disharmony, wife is chronically sick or wife dies prematurely.  Think twice if your potential husband has any one of the following day pillars:

  • Jia-yin, Yi-mao, Bing-wu, Ding-si, Wu-xu, Wu-chen, Ji-chou, Ji-wei, Geng-shen, Xin-you, Ren-zi and Gui-hai days 
  1. Spouse palace is clashed in the natal chart

Day branch is the “spouse palace“.  When it is clashed, it means unstable marriage or jinxing spouse.  This clash could be between month and day branch or day and hour branch.  Below are the six possible clashes:

  • zi-wu  (rat and horse clash)
  • mao-you  (rabbit and rooster clash)
  • yin-shen  (tiger and monkey clash)
  • si-hai  (snake and pig clash)
  • chen-xu  (dragon and dog clash)
  • chou-wei  (ox and ram clash)

The follow branch interactions are also unfavorable to marriage:

  • self-penalties between day/month and day/hour (chen-chen, hai-hai, you-you, wu-wu (horse))
  • 3-penalties between branches and luck periods (yi-si-shen, xu-chou-wei, zi-mao)
  • when 10-year-luck period clashing day-branch
  1. DM with strong metal and water

— DM with strong metal and water implies strong kidney and sexual desire (and likely extra-marital activities).  This is especially likely to happen when DM is metal.  “Strong” means DM has 2+ metal and 2+ water elements in the chart.

  1. DM with strong fire and hot earth

This means a chart with mostly fire and hot earth (wei– and xu-earth).  DM has strong urge and hyperactive sexual desire that “normal” marital life may not satisfy his demands (and goes for extra-marital sex).  Generally speaking, people born in summer months of si, wu and wei have strong fire and earth in their charts.

If your man hits one of the above, you may not need to dump him.  But if he hits 3+ of the above, consider yourself lucky for reading this post (and run away from the guy fast).  But you may want to consult a Bazi reader and take a Bazi course before dumping a guy.

Appendix:  How to find the day-branch of a persone8f1a-sample

  1. Go to http://bazi-calculator.com/
  2. Type in the birthday and gender (F or M) in the input table in the left side.
  3. Click “CALCULATE” box
  4. Check the left color table below the input table.  See the example here:
  5. The third color column (counting from right to left) is the day branch of the person.  It is “Geng-shen” in this example of someone born in June 24, 1990.

Ken Lai 

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