Note:  I have just posted the following message in my “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” discussion list.

A 6-storeys tall building is near a flyover which is taller than the building in a Tai-yuan city, Shangxi Province of China.

A few days ago, within a few hours, the building becomes an 8-storeys building!

When look closer, the new “storeys” are spray-printed image of storeys on canvas on a metal frame. 



The reason for this new addition is because numerous non-old-aged residents had died of cancer in last few years.  The residents suspect it has something to do with the flyover and seek the help of a Feng Shui master. 

The master said the flyover is higher than the building and “suppresses” the blessing for the building.  He suggests making the building higher than the flyover as remedy.

After the “instant growth” of the new canvas “storeys“, the building is 10cm taller than the flyover.  70+ households in the building have paid for the expenses involved.

Do you think this remedy will work?  Will the fix make things better or worse? If you were the FS guy, what would you recommend instead?

Ken Lai

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