wealth_locationToday is your lucky day again!  After reading this post, you will find a more precise way of locating your personal wealth location (PWL) based on your birth day.  PWL is only effective for you and not other residents of your house.

Firstly, you need to log in bazi-calculator.com to find out the “day stem” or “daymaster” (DM) of your birthday.  DM is your birth element.  Simply key in your birthday and click “calculate”.  Look at the chart in the left side of the screen.  The “day pillar” is the third column (counting from the right!) with your birth day # at the top.  Your day stem or daymaster (DM) should be one of the followings:

  • Jia or Yi— wood element
  • Bing or Ding— fire element
  • Wu or Ji-–  earth element
  • Geng or Xin-– metal element
  • Ren or Gui-–  water element

After finding your DM element, check the following diagram for your personal wealth location:

How to find your personal wealth location (PWL)

  1.  Find your DM element based on your birthday, for example, Ren-water DM.
  2.  In our example, Ren DM PWL will be in S2 or south sector (15 degrees region)
  3.  Jia and Yi-wood DM have more than one PWL.

Important notes on personal wealth location

  1.  PWL should not be in a missing corner — consult your Feng Shui guy for remedies or take my “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video
  2.  PWL should not located in a door or window area.
  3.  PWL should be kept clean and no clutter
  4.  PWL should be bright
  5.  You may put wide leaves plant or wealth symbols in your PWL
  6.  If PWL overlaps with other wealth location, it will double the effect
  7.  If PWL branch element is unfavorable to your Bazi chart, it will have no wealth effect for you.

Ken Lai

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