rotatingBaguaIn the last few years, some people market courses which they claim are Fa-Qi-Men-Dun-Jia or “Spiritual QMDJ”.  My students have asked me if they are “real” or “not too real“.

I could not judge if these spiritual QMDJ materials are “real” or “not real” because I have not seen these materials.  But from the approach that these materials are marketed, we can make some “educated” deductions.

Unlike traditional Chinese metaphysics subjects like Bazi and Feng Shui, which do not require supernatural power and/ or divine authorizations, both Spiritual QMDJ and Daoist Miao-Shan techniques involve numerous chants, offerings, incenses, ritual papers, ritual declarations/ summons/ contracts, talismans, hand gestures and steps or walk formations.  These chants are mostly ancient and are difficult to translate into modern Chinese (even more difficult to translate into English if the translator is not well-versed in classical Chinese!).   These practices are likely requiring spiritual membership and vows in that particular sect or school. Unauthorized practices of these rituals or techniques may bring misfortune or even mental illness to the users.

Spiritual QMDJ is more susceptible to marketing fraud as it is not difficult to mix Daoist Mao-Shan magical rituals into QMDJ.  Mao-Shan Fa-shu 茅山法术 is well-known for its magical rituals, but it is not QMDJ.  There are over 3600 of this so-called Spiritual QMDJ practices in the Chinese-speaking market which are more Mao-Shan magical rituals than QMDJ.

A simple way to spot out “not so real Spiritual QMDJ” is that teachers of authentic spiritual QMDJ will NOT automatically take in any student unseen even if the later pays a large sum of “tuition“.  For teachers of spiritual subjects, taking in a student or disciple is like choosing a marriage partner.    They are more concerned with the Bazi chart and moral character of the potential disciple.  This is to keep the likelihood of misusing spiritual knowledge to a minimum and protecting the reputation of the teacher.  Any abuses of spiritual knowledge like spiritual QMDJ by students will be counted towards the karma credit account of their teachers.  This is the major rationale behind of not taking everyone who pays as a Spiritual QMDJ student.

daoistAccording to traditional belief, people who use spiritual or magical practices to hurt others or for unfair advantages or illegal gains will be subjected to karmic retribution or punishment.   Selling or marketing divine or deity power is a taboo in traditional Chinese metaphysics.  The common karmic retributions are:

  • desolate
  • premature death
  • poverty
  • disability

For more details:

Any “master” who takes in a few hundred spiritual QMDJ students at a time does not match the profile of a traditional spiritual QMDJ master but a successful marketeer.  The question of whether these spiritual QMDJ courses are real or not real does not really matter if the transmitter of spiritual knowledge does not follow traditional practices.  In this scenario, even the “real thing” is rendered into “not so real“.

Ken Lai

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