31354-nw_missingToday is your lucky day.  This is the easiest house-hunting Feng Shui for the laziest person or someone who wants to save a bundle of Feng Shui consultation fees.  It is also called “5-no Feng Shui“.  Below are all you need to know when you buy or rent a house:

  1. No missing northwest corner (also no missing southwest corner if you have a wife or live with your mother)
  2. No toilet/ kitchen in center of house
  3. No toilet/ kitchen in northwest
  4. No T-junction in front of house
  5. No tower (power-tower/ cellular tower/ water tower) within 100 meters diameter of the house


A house should be all right if it does not violate this “5-no Feng Shui”.  It makes sure the breadwinner of the house is safe and protects family members from serious internal and external negative energies.  Ask your Feng Shui teacher if you want to know the rationale behind these “no-no” or take this course:

“Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video

Ken Lai

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