handsome_manMy female students have been chasing me for the Bazi characteristics of “cute guys” for 10+ years because I have only told them the characteristics of beautiful women.

It is possible to guess the external appearance of someone by reading his or her birthday Bazi chart.  Below are the Bazi characteristics of cute or handsome guys (帅哥) in their natal charts.

1.  Presence of peach-blossom elements“Peach-blossom” elements are the “attraction index” in Bazi.  Zi (rat), wu (horse), mao (rabbit) and you (rooster) are the 4 peach-elements in Bazi.  People with these peach-blossom elements usually are attractive and sociable.

2.  Chart with metal and water mutual-nurturing  like 2 metal and 1 water elements or 1 metal and 2 water elements– the daymaster (DM) is likely to be intelligent,  have fair complexion and refined facial features.

3.  Chart with wood and fire mutual-nurturing— this DM is likely to be handsome (pretty if this is a woman) and intelligent.

4.  Chart with strong pian-cai (-wealth) elementspian-cai stands for lover/ mistress for male.  For example,  Jia and Yin-wood are the the pian-cai of a Geng-metal DM.  Men with strong pian-cai usually are attractive to opposite sex and look handsome.

5.  Chart with strong output stars (shang-guan/ shi-shen)– output stars stand talent and intelligence.  Men with strong output stars are usually sentimental, intelligent, romantic and accomplished.  People in the entertainment industries usually have strong output stars.

Actually, all the above characteristics except #4, are also predictors of pretty women!  You get a BOGO deal here.  This guide works for people with any sexual preference.

Pretty or not pretty, cute or not cute, are in the eyes of beholders.  It is not unusual to see “cute guys” pairing with “not so beautiful” girls or pretty girls with not so handsome dudes.  Assuming it is not due to “wealth factors“, it is usually the not so pretty/handsome party has numerous peach-blossom elements in his or her chart.

Ken Lai

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