31354-nw_missingHouse Feng Shui affects the career and health of the residents, especially for the breadwinner/s of the house.  The Feng Shui conditions below will affect the “man of the house”:

1.  Missing northwest corner  — Northwest (NW) represents the oldest male in the house.  If NW sector is missing in a house, it will affect the oldest male’s career and health.  Usually this male also suffers low self-esteem or does not want to stay home.

2.  Missing corner in NW– occupied by elevator— In this scenario, NW is not really missing but is not part of the house or apartment.  NW sector is occupied by an elevator. Elevator moves up and down all day long in NW will affect the male of the house seriously.  This man may have chronic illness. If annual star 5-disaster and 2-sickness lands on NW, elevator movement will activate the negativity affecting this man of the house.

3.  Toilet or bathroom in NW sector— Toilet has dirty water and water-flushing frequently.  It will affect the man of the house in terms of his career and wealth luck.  He may lose his official position if working for the government and filing bankruptcy if running a business.  If this is a single woman house, she will have problem getting a stable boy friend or husband.

4.  Kitchen in NW sector— NW is metal in nature and kitchen is fire.  Kitchen in NW may cause respiratory and brain illness to the residents, especially the oldest male of the house.  This situation is also called “Fire burning heaven’s gate“.  It stands for rebellious children who bully the father.

“Ken, is there any remedy for these NW Feng Shui problems?” 

There are limited remedies.  Consult your Feng Shui teacher or take this course:

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Ken Lai

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