obese“First of all, we need to find out the major reason that people gain weight in terms of medicine and Chinese metaphysics. Simply put,  other than bad eating habit, junk food and life style choices, obesity is due to an individual has an efficient and overworked digestive system.  In terms of Bazi, if a person has strong earth element or strong shi-shen (-output) in his chart, he is likely to have an efficient digestive system or strong appetite.” taken from the Bonus Chapter, “Weight loss through Bazi and Feng Shui” in “Applied Bazi: Sickness Forecasting and Management” Video course.

In other words, besides eating habit and life style, whether one will be obese or not is also determined by his/ her Bazi natal chart.

Generally speaking, if your chart has “shi-shen” (-ouput), you have the potential of getting obese.  “Shi-shen” literally means “eating god” in Chinese.

shi_shen_obeseTo find if you have any shi-shen in your chart, simply go to bazi-calculator.com and key in your birthday.  First you find your day-master element (day column) and use it to check for shi-shen elements (in any column) in your chart.  The more shi-shen you have, the higher the potential of you getting obese.

Shi-shen is regarded as the “blessing god” for good appetite, self-indulgence in food and enjoying life.  Hence,  daymasters with strong shi-shen tend to get fat easily.

The location of shi-shen also affect the probability of getting obese.  The closer a shi-shen is near DM, the likely DM will get obese.  Shi-shen is closest to DM when it sits in day branch, month stem or hour stem.  Because month branch determines the temperature of the whole chart, so if shi-shen sits on day branch, it is also considered “near” the DM.

If shi-shen is not strong in the natal chart but luck period/s make/s it strong, DM may become obese during those luck period/s.

Besides output stars, one must also look at other elements in his/ her natal chart to make prediction on the possibility of obesity.  For example, if there is a resource star to control the output star, then the obesity may not happen or at least under control.  There are other factors affecting obesity like the presence or absence of peer and wealth stars.  It will take another article to explain.

Ken Lai

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