happy_marriage“Good” here does not mean “perfect” but satisfactory or slightly above “average”.  Below are the 4-pillars or Bazi characteristics of women with good or better than average marriage.  I have included related tables for you to check if your own natal chart has these characteristics.  Simply click on the tables to enlarge them.  You need to go to bazi-calculator.com to generate your own Bazi chart first before using these tables.


1.  Natal chart with “Zheng-guan/ Zheng-cai” (ZG/ ZC) OR “Zheng-guan/ Pian-cai” (ZG/ PC)

Zheng-guan (+power) represents husband for female chart.  ZC and PC are wealth elements. When a female chart has ZG/ZC or ZG/PC combination, DM will have a higher chance of marrying well, especially if ZG is the favorable element (yong-shen).

2.  Natal chart with “Zheng-guan/ Zheng-yin” (ZG/ ZY) OR  “Zheng-guan/ Pian-yin” (ZG/ PY)

Zheng-yin and Pian-yin stand for “resource” elements.  Power star (husband) nurtures resource star.  Female DM with power star nurturing resource star is emotionally stable, traditional, family-oriented and dedicated to husband and children.  Hence, she has a stable marriage though it is not too romantic.

3.  Natal chart with “Qi-sha/ Shi-shen” (QS/ SS) OR  “Qi-sha/ Shang-guan” (QS/ SG)

—  Female chart with strong output star usually is not good for marriage.  But if it has Qi-sha (-power) being controlled by output star, it fosters a good marriage.  There may be some small ups and downs but it will not significantly affect the marriage.

4.  Female Day Pillar with one of the followings:  Jia-zi, Yi-hai, Ding-hai, Gui-si, Ding-you, Ji-hai, Gui-mao and Ji-you.

— These day pillars have good branches that either nurtures the DM, is the husband star or wealth star or Nobleman star for the chart.  Hence a good marriage is expected.

5.  Female day-branch has Tian-yi, Tian-de or Yu-de Nobleman

— These are auspicious symbolic stars (shen-sha) for femaleThey may neutralize any disharmony in a marriage.

How to find Tian-yi Nobleman in a chart:


This could be used a dating guide for men to look for a good wife too!

Ken Lai

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