hauntedA house is inauspicious or haunted if it has the following characteristics:

  1. There are two or more deaths or severe injuries in the family within 3 years of moving-in.– House like this usually has “sha-qi” (negative energy) like T-junction, sickle-cutting sha, heart-piercing sha or “white-tiger sha”.  These negative energies cause bloody events, backstabbing and disharmony .
  2. After moving in, family members have chronic headache, fevers or diarrhea.
  3. Family members suffer frequent misfortunes and bad lucks after moving in.
  4. Family members suddenly turn against each other after moving in.
  5. After moving in, family members suffer insomnia or dreaming of ghosts.
  6. Pets like cat and dog refuse to enter the new house or certain part of the house.
  7. Baby or toddler cries when entering the new house, especially at the evenings
  8. Barely perceptible smell of rotten material or foul smell (but cannot find the source)
  9. Small animals clashing into the house and died (excluding moths)
  10. Feeling chill inside the house even in summer.
  11. Family altar tablets (of ancestors or deity) fell down or cracked

Move away if this is your house.  The problem is that if you live in a house with these conditions, you are likely in a bad luck period and may end up in a much worse house.  Hence you should hire a Feng Shui practitioner with a proven track record to help you find another house.

If for any reason that you cannot move, as long as your problem is not due to #1 above, find a priest of your preferred religion and do a cleansing and blessing of your house (and hope the problems go away).

Ken Lai

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