0000_suicideWhat Bazi characteristics are found in people who are prone to depression, mental illness and suicide?  One major characteristic is wood element in one’s Bazi chart is over-controlled, over-nurtured, over-drained or overwhelmed.  Wood element represents the nervous system of a person.  The nervous system and mental ability of a person will be affected when some excessive actions happened to the wood element of his Bazi chart.

Below are Bazi variables that affect one’s tendency to be suicidal and depressive:

1. Weak daymaster (DM) with strong output and/ or power stars (Shi-shen/ Shang-guan and Zheng-guan/ qi-sha)– Daymaster with this condition is likely physically weak, lacking confidence and strong will.  Strong output stars means DM thinks too much.  Strong power stars also stand for pressure from government, superior or pressure to succeed in something (also men problems for women).

When a chart has both strong output and power stars,  DM may suffer cognitive dissonance or conflicting emotion.  S/he looks elegant and traditional externally, but inside s/he is wild and dislike restrictions.  When running into setback, s/he is likely feeling depressed. This condition is quite common,  like when a weak DM has one or two output and/or power stars in the natal chart and luck periods bring in two or more similar stars.  This DM may either go crazy or depressive and is easily agitated to do the unthinkable. 

2. Chart with strong metal chopping wood— DM with weak Jia or Yi-wood usually has weak mental capacity to handle complicated life events.  If the weak wood is further controlled by strong mental, DM is prone to mental illness and even suicide. 

3. Chart with strong fire burning wood— Wood produces fire.  If a DM runs into strong fire luck periods that drains wood, it may cause over-thinking and induces headache and nervous system related illness.  Some minor irritations or mishaps may drive DM into attempted suicide.

4. Chart with strong water floating wood— Water nurtures wood.  But too much water will float and rot wood, especially if there is little or no sunshine (fire) providing warmth and strong earth to anchor it.  DM with “strong water floating wood” in his chart is likely facing numerous ups and downs in life.  If such conditions last for extended periods, DM’s mental condition will deteriorate and prone to mental depression.

5. Chart with strong earth cracking wood— Wood controls earth.  But too much or strong earth can crack wood.  When wood “cracks” in a chart, it affects the mental conditions of DM.  DM may feel too much pressure and prone to mental illness and suicide.

0000_depressWhen you read chart with any of the above conditions, you should advice the DM to see a psychologist or at the least, tell him/ her “don’t think too much” and “everything will workout itself one way or another“.

With the prevalence of teen suicides in recent years, school counselors could use this Bazi knowledge to identify students with potential depression and suicidal tendency and take preventive measures.

Chart with one overwhelmingly strong or weak element usually signals major illness or negative condition in life.  To know more:


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