The level of Feng Shui auspiciousness and inauspiciousness for the residents of a house is affected by the move-in date.

The table below shows the relationship between move-in date-selection and Feng Shui effect.

Below is a quick and easy way to do a date-selection for your move-in date of your new or rental house.  It is based on the door-facing direction of your new housing.  If you do not understand the terms below, simply read the Appendix below for a link to convert western dates to Chinese dates. 


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Move-in date/time is the time you start moving into the new house.  You do not need to finish moving within that hour.

You may have problem fulfilling the requirements of the above table.  An acceptable alternative is that your move-in date should at least has an auspicious day and hour.  The day and hour should not clash the animal sign of the owner and Grand Duke (2017 Grand Duke sign is you-rooster).  Please note that a Chinese hour is equivalent to 2 western hours.

To learn more about date-selection, you may want to take:

“Practical Date-Selection Methods (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video

APPENDIX: how to find Chinese version of your move-in date and time

  1.  Log into
  2. Type in your move-in date and hour in the “Birth Chart” section.  For example:  Feb. 23, 2017; 9:20 am.
  3.  Click “Calculate” button
  4.  Ignore the “Date to Compare” section.  Just look at the “Birth Chart” section.
  5.  Check the second row of the chart from right to left– it shows the year, month, day and hour in Chinese terms listed in above table.  For our example of Feb. 23, 2017; 9:20 am,  year= You (rooster), month= Yin (tiger), day= Si (snake) and hour= Si (snake).

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