“Bagel” was adopted by Mr. Chiang in Taiwan a few months ago.   She is a playful cat and likes to wake up her owner in the middle of the night to clean her litter box after she has peeved.  Obviously, Bagel is a cleanliness freak.

A few days ago at Valentine day,  Mr. Chiang has discovered the heart-shape pattern in Bagel’s front legs when she is in the upright sitting position.  He has posted the picture on social media and it becomes viral.


Wang-wang”  and “Sugar” are “shop cats” in Tai-Po, Hong Kong.  They greet customers in the shop and are popular in the area.  Their owner wants the cats to be self-supportive.  He posts this “price list” for touching, kissing , hugging and taking photo with the cats.  The prices here are in Hong Kong dollars  (US$1 = HK$7.75)

Someone has posted this price list to social media.  It has generated many comments.  Some netizens said the menu items are limited.  These cats can expand their service to escort, over-night services, dating and the likes.  One comments that fortunately that there is no charge for looking at the cats.


The owner of this female cat wants someone else to take over her in Hong Kong.  It seems this owner is not well educated in Chinese language.  The Chinese sign shows “Sugar Daddy Wanted” in the photo above.

The Chinese characters “包養” (bao-yang) means “keeping a mistress” or “sugar daddy” in English.   S/he should have used the verb “收養” (shou-yang) for “adoption”.

Probably being a sugar daddy for a cat is much easier and happier than the “real thing”.  A cat may complain a little or peeve on your bed, but will never ask for a diamond ring or LV handbag.

Ken Lai

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