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Returning to the original questions:

What is Feng Shui for?

Feng Shui is simply the knowledge of site selection and harmonious living and interaction between inhabitants and their natural environment.  Enhancing luck, wealth and etc. are NOT the original objectives of Feng Shui.  Increases in wealth and prosperity are “by-products” of stable living environment that shields its residents from  the elements and provides steady supply of living essentials like water and vegetation.  Feng Shui is similar to the modern “Human Geography”– “ the study of the interaction between human beings and their environment in particular places and across spatial areas.” (Dictionary.com)

How much “weight” or importance is Feng Shui in one’s destiny?

According to Yi-jing, the five most important determinants of an individual’s destiny are:

  1. Fate (一命, ming)what one was born with, hard to change
  2. Luck (二运, luck)what one was born with with limited degree of flexibility
  3. Feng Shui  (三风水)– one’s living and social environment
  4. Accumulation of good deeds (四积阴德, yin-de)
  5. Formal Study (五读书)– go to school

2017 Auspicious Wealth Symbols

From the above list, you can see luck and fate have more influence than Feng Shui.  More often than not, I found people with bad luck also have bad Feng Shui synchronized with it.

This is easy to explain as when one is in good luck, one will have strong energy or qi-field that can block off or reduce the effect of negative energy caused by variables like Feng Shui or Bazi.  One’s energy will be weaken during a bad luck period.  Existing negative forces, including spiritual ones, can take advantage of the weaken state of the individual and attack.  This is why sometimes we feel “Blessing does not come in multiples and misfortune does not come alone“.

“Could Feng Shui help us during our bad luck periods?”

It all depends on the nature of your “bad luck“– whether it is karma-related or simply “system design” (destiny).  Assuming it is not karma-related, then Feng Shui at least keeps you physically healthy or “sane”.

“If our luck periods are good, we don’t need Feng Shui.  Isn’t this correct?

Yes, this is my little secret with you.  However, people are likely to think their good luck lasts forever and are caught unprepared when bad luck strikes.

“So, if this is the case, then why do we bother with Feng Shui at all?” “If our luck periods are good, we don’t need Feng Shui.  Isn’t this correct?

You still need Feng Shui because no one has good luck periods forever.  No place has good Feng Shui forever too.

“If a client is in bad wealth luck period and requests wealth enhancement, the practitioner cannot do much with Feng Shui.”  Why?

To understand this statement, you need to know what causes “bad wealth luck” in Bazi.  It is likely either problem of strong peer stars (bi-jie) for strong daymaster or strong wealth stars (cai) for weak daymaster.  Enhancing wealth during a bad wealth luck period may cause more losses.

How come the richest people are not Feng Shui masters?  

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