0000_fs_guyAfter reading my previous article on “Why check Bazi before doing Feng Shui?“,  a student of mine asks the questions below:

“If a client is in bad wealth luck period and requests wealth enhancement, the practitioner cannot do much with Feng Shui.”

  • But then I ask myself, what is Feng Shui for?
  • Isn’t it to help us during our bad luck periods?
  • If our luck periods are good, we don’t need Feng Shui.   Isn’t this correct?
  • So, if this is the case, then why do we bother with Feng Shui at all?
  • Probably I’m missing something here…

Don’t throw away your Feng Shui books yet.

I will ask more questions to answer your questions — to stimulate your intellectual growth.


Donald Trump had hired Feng Shui Master Pun-yin in the design of his Trump Tower in 1995.  Why it is Donald Trump and not Master Pun-yin becoming ultra-rich and President?

Feng Shui was originated in China.  It is more appropriate to look at the ultra-rich in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

0000_jackmaJack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba Group is known to at least respect and follow Feng Shui practices.  Lee Ka Shing, the real estate tycoon of Hong Kong is well-known for utilizing Feng Shui to enhance his prosperity.  Terry Gou, Taiwanese tycoon, the CEO of Foxconn is also known for dedication to Feng Shui practices down to his ancestral tombs.

I cannot find any ultra-rich Feng Shui masters in these regions (with the exception of Tony Chan who had amassed a huge fortune using “special relationship” with his female client).  Why?

Therefore we can see there may be a correlation between people who hire Feng Shui masters and become richer but no correlation between Feng Shui masters and their wealth level.

Take me for example–  I know 20+ Feng Shui techniques, from “water dragon”, “5-ghosts carry money” to “think and get rich” and 100+ Daoist ritual techniques for attaining or enhancing wealth luck.  I should be very rich but not.  Why?


A popular belief in wealth and blessing in China is:  the amount of wealth and blessing of an individual is predetermined.  Only under rare circumstance like extreme hard work and good deeds performed,  the predetermined amount may be altered for the individual.

When you have consumed or used up your predetermined wealth and blessing– you will die even if you have not reached your life-expectancy date.  This is why I do not encourage people to push wealth enhancement because it could also mean they may  cut short their life expectancy unknowingly.

How do you find out your predetermined amount?  The exact amount is hard to determined but a rough sketch can be deduced from checking the wealth elements in one’s Bazi chart.

Another rule of predetermined wealth is one rarely gets all of what one entitled– one must at least show some efforts.  For example, if your predetermined amount is $10M,  you may at most get 0- 70% of the allocated amount.  To get more, you may need to do good deeds, persistent hard work and use metaphysical methods like Feng Shui, QMDJ and Bazi.  But one rarely gets more than the predetermined amount.

Therefore, Feng Shui definitely can help in wealth attainment.  But this is a narrow application of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui serves more functions than just enhancing your wealth luck.

To be continued in Part II:  Can Feng Shui help bad wealth luck period?

Ken Lai

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