0000_fengshuiloWe have a saying in this business– “A Bazi reader can get by without Feng Shui knowledge.  But a Feng Shui practitioner must know Bazi.

Feng Shui practitioners need Bazi knowledge because:

  1. Matching clients to practitioner himself—  to make sure client’s Bazi chart does not clash the practitioner’s chart.  This is to ensure a happy and smooth working relationship  (also to filter out “difficult” clients).
  1. Securing results— by checking the client’s current luck information on various aspects of life, the practitioner can pinpoint what can be done and what cannot be done.  If client is in bad wealth luck period and requests wealth enhancement, the practitioner cannot do much with Feng Shui.
  1. Doing Feng Shui enhancements and remedies—  it is more effective to design Feng Shui enhancements (like wealth/career formation) and remedies (like sleeping direction)  when the energy-preference (favorable elements) of client’s Bazi chart is decoded.
  1. Date-selection—  Application of Feng Shui enhancements and remedies will be more effective when date-selection is made with consideration of client’s Bazi.

0000_4pbcMany schools offer endless “modules” of Bazi or 4P courses that many Feng Shui practitioners may not have the time or resource to take.

While I taught a Feng Shui seminar in Los Angels in 2003, a student had asked me if I could create a comprehensive Bazi course for Feng Shui practitioners.   “4-Pillars Bootcamp” was created in 2005 and remains a top seller for me.

Ken Lai

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Video Correspondence Courses: (click for details)
“Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” w/23 hr. HD video
“Visual Form Feng Shui” w/13 hr. HD video
“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 1: Forecasting and Decision Support” w/32 hr. HD video
“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 2: Basic Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video
“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 3 w/ Advanced Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video
“Feng Shui Toolbox: Sha-qi, Health/Wealth and Career” w/ 7 hr. HD video
“Period 7/8 FS Toolkit w/ Advanced Flying Star techniques” w/ 6 hr. HD video
“Practical Date-Selection Methods (incl. XKDG) w/ 12 hr. video
“Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia 4G” w/ 12 video
“Professional Imperial QMDJ 4G” w/ 21 hr. video
“EZ QMDJ series: Astrology, Date/Task Selection, Annual Luck/ FS”w/ 3 hr. HD
“EZ QMDJ Advanced Feng Shui” with 4 hr. HD video
“Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui/Blessing” w/ 24 hr video
“Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth” w/ 3 hr. video
“4-Pillars Forecasting Bootcamp+ 2017 edition” with 18 hr. video