poorhouseIf your financial situation gets tough and tougher and the problem is not due to your destiny or natal chart, it could possibly be the Feng Shui of your house.

Below are some possible reasons that you are poor:

1. Main door and back door (or window) form a straight line with nothing in between— Wealth energy and auspicious qi flow from the main door and leave your house through the back door or window. Residents do not get any benefit.

2.  Main door faces the main door of another house — If the energy of your door is weaker or overcome by the opposing door, your luck will tank.

3.  Bathroom/ toilet door faces kitchen door— clean water of the kitchen clashing “dirty” toilet water:  bad for health and wealth luck.

4.  Living in basement for extended periods—  “Underground” living affects the residents psychologically and emotionally.  It is bad for relationship and wealth luck

5.  Right side neighbor is much higher than your house— This is called “white tiger overwhelms green dragon白虎压青龙.  White tiger stands for “mean people” and lawsuits.  This stands for sickness, bad wealth luck, backstabbing and legal problems for the residents (not to mention a overwhelming wife!). This situation also applies to a house with much bigger right side or right side has tall power tower, flyover or chimneys.

6.  Missing corner in northwest side of the house— Northwest side stands for career luck which affects the male residents more.  Missing corner in northeast also has similar effects.

7.  Main door facing stairway or elevator— This cause unstable flow of energy affecting wealth luck or causing difficulties in creating wealth.

8.  Too many doors or corridors in the living room—  Living room is the “inner ming-tang” of the house representing wealth potential (especially for apartments).  Too many corridors or doors in the living room will leak the wealth energy or cannot accumulate qi.

9.  Cracks on the walls— If there are cracks in the back wall of bed or living room, this condition is equivalent to damages in “supporting mountain” and affecting wealth luck.

10.  Water tap or faucet dripping/ leaking or pointing to outside —  Water stands for wealth in Feng Shui.  When the water tap or faucet leaks water in a house, it symbolizes leak wealth for the residents.  If the tap points to outside of house, it also implies water flowing outside the house.

Consult your Feng Shui teacher for remedies or take:

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