“Bok Choy” (bái-cài 白菜)  or Chinese cabbage is the national vegetable of China.  It is the main ingredient of hundreds of Chinese dishes and soups.


If you have traveled to China as a foreign tourist and your guide took you to the “Friendship Store” to shop, for sure you will see some jade carvings like the pictures here.


In some Chinese cities, the people even put up giant sculpture of Chinese Cabbage.



Why the Chinese love their cabbage so much?  Do they have a  Chinese cabbage fetish?

Actually, this is beyond fetish.  Chinese cabbage is an auspicious symbol in the Chinese cultural belief system.

The Chinese pronunciation of  Chinese cabbage is “bái-cài 白菜”.  It also sounds like “bǎi-cái 百財”. The literal meaning of “bǎi-cái 百財”is “100 types of wealth”, which implies “all kinds of wealth”.

By putting jade carving of bái-cài in the wealth positions of one’s house or shops, the Chinese believe it will attract multiple kinds of wealth into the house or business.

By the same logic, putting up a giant bái-cài sculpture in a city, the local people hope to attract all kinds of wealth streams into the city.

“Ken, I can’t afford a jade bái-cài.  What can I do?”

Today is the second day of the Chinese New Year and also your lucky day.  Here is my top secret of eating your way to the bank–  eat your bái-cài at the wealth position of your house to attract multiple sources of wealth.  Of course, you may put real bái-cài in your wealth position to attract wealth too.  A cabbage can easily last 10+ days before you put it into your stomach.  Bái-cài is inexpensive even in USA.  It costs only around US$1 per pound here.

Happy Year of Rooster!

Ken Lai

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