This is a “green” article recycled from last year with updates.  If you are darn lazy, just read the following picture and go back to your nap.0000_mini2017

No digging/ construction in regions with red arrows:

  • 52.5- 127.5 degrees  (San Sha and Year Breaker locations)
  • 175.5- 225.5 degrees (5-yellow star)– use metal cure
  • 262.5- 277.5 degrees (Grand Duke)

Minimalist Feng Shui”  here fixes only 2-5, 5-5, and 9-5 star combinations in regions with activities.  You don’t need to put up remedies or Feng Shui monsters in all 9-palaces of your house, especially in region of no activity like storage room and guest room.

Yang nobleman sign for this year is You (rooster).  Yin nobleman is Hai (pig).

You should do a good date-selection if you need to do construction in any of the above locations with red arrow (mountains/ palace).

People with rabbit and rooster zodiac sign should avoid seeing corpse being put into a coffin or burial for this year.

Ken Lai

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