There are 3 types of people in this world:

  1. People who do not believe in Feng Shui.
  2. People who blame Feng Shui whenever their fortune slides and 0000_goodfortunemodify their Feng Shui.
  3. People who are successful and maximizing the Feng Shui of their houses continuously.

Below are some precautions to observe before changing the Feng Shui environment of your house.

Do NOT alter your Feng Shui:

  1. if you are currently enjoying good fortune, frequent celebrations and wealth luck

— don’t fix anything if nothing has broken and don’t be greedy for more fortune.  This includes your yin Feng Shui (tomb).

  1. if you have pregnant woman in the house

— Chinese believe remodeling and construction work will hurt the gestation environment of the fetus.  A common attribution to cleft lip baby is construction a0000_sicknd operations of sharp objects in the house during gestation.  This includes not moving to another house during a pregnancy.

  1. if you have severely sick patient in your house

—  a severely sick patient is already low in vital energy and  would suffer greatly if clashed by unfamiliar new energy/ qi.

  1. if your house has severe sha-qi or spiritual disturbance

—  with severe sha-qi (negative energy), change made in one area can easily induce other unintended consequences.  With spiritual disturbance (ghosts or karma-debt related), Feng Shui remedies will have little effect and may provoke even more repercussions.

Sometimes, obstacles and bad fortune are attributed to one’s bad annual or 10-years luck periods of your Bazi or 4-Pillars chart.  You may want to consult a Bazi reader to make sure your current misfortune is NOT due to your destiny before doing any Feng Shui changes.  Safety and health are more important than enhancing fortune or wealth luck.

If you want to learn more about how to handle misfortune embedded in your birth chart, please consult the following courses:

“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 2: Basic Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video
“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 3 w/ Advanced Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video

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