2017 is the Year of Rooster.  0000_mao_you

In Chinese Metaphysics, zi-wu-mao-you (rat-horse-rabbit-rooster) are the four cardinal directions with strongest energy among the 12 branches.  Rooster clashes rabbit or you-metal clashes mao-wood.  This is a serious and high intensity clash because you has the purest metal energy and mao the purest wood energy.

Individuals with mao-wood in their Bazi birth charts or current luck period/s, are subject to mao-you clash in 2017.  Below are a list of possibilities of what may happen.

  1. Mao stands for fists and you for knives– fists and knives imply brawls or fighting.  Mao-you clash could mean injury (by metal object) and imprisonment.  You is the qi-sha (power star) of mao.  It has violence signal for mao.
  1. Mao stands for string and you for handcuff– this could mean hands are tied or handcuffed.  Mao-you clash can mean prison gate is closed and locked, i.e. imprisoned.
  1. Mao stands for cars and boats, when clashed by you,  means traffic accidents.  In 2011 Xin-mao year and you-month, China and Korea had serious ship sinking incidents with numerous fatalities.
  1. Mao stands for eyes, when clashed by you, stands for eye illness or shedding tears.  Mao also stands for liver and you lungs.  When mao and you clash and hurt each other in a chart– represent liver and lung sickness.
  1. The Chinese word  卯  (mao) looks like a female uterus.  So mao-you clash can also stand for uterus problems for females resulting in surgery (using knives or you-metal), especially if the mao is in hour branch.
  1. You belongs to the Dui trigram which represents young female, wine, damage, blood, sperms…. Mao belongs to the Zheng trigram which represents male, hands…  Mao-you clash has implications for affair and lust.  This clash also stands for divorce or separation between a couple due to lust/ affair.
  1. Mao-you clash also stands of killing, like the slaughtering of rabbits and chicken.
  1. People with mao-you clash in their natal charts are talkative and good at expressing themselves.  But they also like to yell at people.

Ken, is there any remedy or cure for mao-you clash?”

You may find the remedies in the course below:

“Destiny/Luck Mgmt. 2: Basic Bazi Therapy w/18 hr. HD video

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