0000ghostHumans have 5 senses– sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  Some animals have more than 5 senses.  They could sense magnetic field or different dimensions that most humans, other than psychics, are incapable of.

Below is a list of animals that can sense ghosts or spirits:

  1. Dogs 

Sometimes we can see dogs seem to bark at nothing at night.  Dog can sense higher frequency than humans.  They can “see” ghosts.  I have a psychic student who can “see” spirits told me that her dog welcomed a ghost into her house instead of chasing him away.  Chinese believe that black dog can scare ghosts away.  Adopt a black dog for protection if you are afraid of ghost.

  1. Cats0000cat

Cats are nocturnal animals with sensitive eyesight.  They can sense and distinguish if a ghost is friendly or unfriendly.  Be careful when you see your cat suddenly raise all its hair.  In Asia, it is  very inauspicious to see a black cat in a funeral, especially if the cat walks on the deceased.  People believe it will turn the dead body into a walking dead. Adopt a cat if you want your own “ghost detector”.  Tabby cats that look like mini-tigers are also good for scaring ghosts away.

  1. Cows

00000cowcryIn traditional Chinese culture, cow is considered  a working animal with psychic ability.  Some Daoist priests use cow tears to activate a person’s “psychic eye” to see ghosts.  They believe cows can also “see” ghosts.  Some cows can even foresee their own death and drop tears before entering the slaughtering house.

  1. Pigeons

Pigeons are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields. Ghosts are “yin” or negative energy.  Vengeful ghosts are especially “yin” in nature.  It may be incorrect to say pigeons can see ghosts.  Pigeons probably are spook by ghost’s negative energy and fly away erratically.

  1. Koi fishes000koifish

Similar to pigeons, Koi fishes do not really “see” ghosts but are sensitive to the negative ghost energy.  Chinese believe Koi fishes have inherited the blood of dragon.  Dragon does not “see” living things but sensing the soul directly.  Hence Koi fishes can sense souls or ghosts.  Koi fishes, especially the old ones (30+ years old), can scare ghosts away too.

  1. Human babies

Human babies and toddlers can see or sense ghosts because their primal consciousness is not yet “polluted” or socialized by adults.  Sometimes a baby suddenly cries hysterically with no reason.  This baby probably has seen a “stranger” (ghost) showing up that his parents cannot perceive.  The Chinese people advise young parents not taking their babies out at night to avoid running into ghosts. Sometimes a baby may be scared so much that they may “lose” part of their spirit or soul and becomes sick.  Daoist ritual may be performed to “call” the missing parts of this soul back into the baby.

Ken Lai

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