According to Chinese metaphysics, the date and time a baby was born reflect the energy imprint of that baby.  This energy imprint reflects the endowment from heaven (cosmic energies), human (from parents) and earth (environment) dimensions.  Bazi or 4-Pillars is one way of decoding this endowment throughout one’s life. 0000csection

There are expectant parents in Asia who hire Bazi practitioners to do date-selections for their C-sections (caesarean section).  The Bazi charts of the dates selected will hopefully maximize the future potentials and fortunes of the newborn babies.

Below are some major considerations for selecting a C-section date:

The resulting birth or Bazi chart should:

  1. nurtures (“wang“) baby’s parents– making the family more prosperous
  2. have a stable marriage
  3. have promising children
  4. have a healthy life with few illness
  5. be mostly good 10-years luck periods, especially for school and career

The gender of the baby must be known before choosing a date because the luck period calculation is different for male and female.

For the potential birth day:0000achiever

Year pillar:  reflects ancestral situation.  There are at most 2 choices (if birth day is around borderline of a solar year) or  no choice on this pillar.

Month pillar:  reflects the locations of parents and sibling.  There are at most 2 choices (if birth day is around borderline of a solar month). You may have more than 2 choices but risking a premature birth.

Day pillar:  This is the location of the daymaster (chart owner).  Day-branch represents spouse palace.  There are more choices available for this pillar.

Hour pillar:  location of daymaster’s children.  The choices are limited by the choice of day pillar.

I occasionally provide date-selection service for  C-Section.  This is a very labor intensive process even I delimit the potential days to a 2-weeks period.  This means 14×12 = 168 possible charts to read and rank.  Top 10 charts will be chosen and then select one based on the requirements of the parents.  So this service could be pretty expensive.

Ken Lai

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