00000badluckWhen things do not go your way,  success slips away in the last minute, people backstabbing you, appliance breaking down, losing money, accidents, illness and the likes keep popping up…. or simply put, “Life sucks!”. You are in a bad luck period.

Chinese metaphysics considers “yang” or positive energy brings vitality and good luck to a person.  Bad luck is caused by an excess of “yin” or negative energy.  The remedy is to increase “yang energy” and reduce “yin energy” around and inside a person .

Below are some easy ways to add more “yang energy” into your system to improve your luck:

  1. Go to places with crowds—  Living people is a major source of vital or yang energy.  Places like shopping mall, university, concert hall and parks.  But avoid hospital and cemetery which have more yin than yang energy.0000holdbaby
  2. Hug or hold babies—  Babies have more yang energy than adults.
  3. Sit under the sun before 3 pm—  Sunshine is a good source of yang energy.  11am- 1 pm has the most yang energy of the day.  Just be careful of not getting sunburn.
  4. Swim in the sea before 3 pm–  sea water has salt that is good for washing away negative energy from your body.  Bathing in hot spring is also great too.
  5. Take a bath with lemon leaves water— to wash away negative energy and cleanse your body.
  6. Visit people who are successful (i.e. in good luck period) and avoid people in bad luck period.
  7. Go to celebrations like wedding, birthday (esp. for newborn baby) parties and avoid funeral and visiting the sick.
  8. Hug a healthy tree to absorb its energy.  But this must be done before 3 pm or the tree will absorb your energy instead.
  9. Walk with your bare feet on the beach (on ground is OK) or on the grass to absorb some earth energy and release your excess yin energy.

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Ken Lai

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