0000familyThe representation of 4 pillars in a Bazi chart:

  • Year pillar:  Parents/ older generations (also ancestral blessing)
  • Month pillar:  Siblings (also parents sometimes)
  • Day pillar:  Day-master (stem), spouse (branch)
  • Hour pillar:  Children


Year and month pillar clash:  the person (Day-master, DM) is likely leaving hometown to make a living or career.  This also means DM has a challenging teen years and likely not doing well in school.


Example: day and month pillar clash (click photo to enlarge)

Year and day pillar clash:  DM does not get along with parents or no blessing from ancestors.

Day pillar clashes hour pillar:  DM jinxes wife and hurts children or has marital problem.

Day pillar clashes month pillar:  DM jinxes parents and siblings.  This could also means DM has hidden illness or marital problem because day-branch is clashed.

Year pillar clashes with month, day and hour pillar clash:  DM has fierce temper and is prone to untimely or violent death

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Ken Lai

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