0000wealthToday is your lucky day!  I am going to tell you the ultimate secret of your permanent “personal wealth position“.  Unlike the wealth position of “Flying Star Feng Shui”, which changes every year, your personal wealth position (PWP) stays in the same location year after year.

This paragraph is for the intellectually curious.  The rest of you can skip this.  PWP is the “lu” 禄 location of one’s Bazi chart.  “Lu” is more than money.  It usually is translated as “fortune” and  includes wealth and “official salary” (important in ancient time but now it means fame and class status).  It is equivalent to the “attire” 临官 level of the “12 life stages of stem strength“.


PWP locations.  Click to enlarge

It is easy to locate your permanent PWP with the following table and diagram here as long as you know the last digit of your birth year.  For example, if you were born in 1976, the last digit is “6” and you check the birth year column of the table below for the row with “6”, then check the “Permanent wealth sector” column of the same row– you find “SE3” is your PWP.  Please refer to the right diagram to identify the exact location of SE3 (look for the blue arrow.  For the example here, SE3 is the Si or snake mountain in Feng Shui).

Important Note:  If you were born between January 1 to February 3 of the year, the last digit of your birth year is the previous year!  For example, if your birth day is between January 1 to February 3 of 1966, your last birth year digit is “5” and NOT “6”.

How to “activate” your Personal Wealth Positions:

  • Put your “Wealth God” statue or altar there.
  • Put green plant or fish tank there.
  • Put crystals there

Ken Lai

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