Believe it or not, some Feng Shui schools utilize elephant statues or figurines to enhance or “suck” in wealth.  The placement direction in which the element trunk pointing to have significant meanings.  The application is simple– simply placing an elephant facing the door direction or at the house entrance location.  However,  the pointing direction of the elephant trunk is critical in this “elephant wealth Feng Shui”.


Below are the different trunk pointing directions and applications:

Trunk pointing forward:

  • Symbolizes: Wealth absorbing elephant“, to “suck in” the wealth of people walking in front of a house or shop.  However, if there is water in front of the premise, the trunk will blow wealth out of the house!
  • Suitable for:  Banks, financial agencies and jewelry stores.

0tbackTrunk pointing backward:

  • Symbolizes:  Also means”Wealth absorbing elephant“, but to “suck in” the wealth of competition at the back.  This elephant usually is equipped with a pair of sharp tusks to counteract “mean people” (小人) and competitions of the same trade.
  • Suitable for:  Location with high concentration of the same trade, like a hi-tech store district; also as a remedy for wealth-losing/ leaking Feng Shui.

Trunk pointing upward:0tup

  • Symbolizes: Wealth absorbing elephant“, to “suck in” the wealth from the sky or heaven.
  • Suitable for:  Businesses that profit from the sky like airlines, astronomy and the like.  This elephant usually made with copper.

Trunk pointing downward:

  • Symbolizes:  This is called “Water absorbing elephant“.  Water symbolize wealth in 0tdownFeng Shui.  This elephant is put in houses or stores with views of water like ponds, river, sea or ocean– and face the water source to symbolize absorbing wealth continuously.
  • Suitable for:  Any business/ people, especially those making money from mother earth.

Ken Lai

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