10 years ago, I wrote about my neighbor’s new puppy, a black labrador:


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Kate, the puppy, becomes an old dog.  She has died of cancer last Monday.

Kate was an energetic dog.  She always greeted me with hugs and talked to me.  She had kept her promise of not peeving on my lawn too.  I write this “Easy Pet Feng Shui” to honor her life.


This pet Feng Shui is based on elemental or energy nature of each animal groups.  It is easy to execute– simply put the pet house or nest into “best sector” of your house or animal shelter.  For example, if the best sector is in the east, put your pet’s nest/ bed in the east side of your house.  Below are some definitions for the table below.

Animal Groups

For clarity, each group is represented by one animal.  But it can also represent similar animals.  For examples: “Dog group” also represents wolf, fox and the likes.  “Cat group” also represents tiger, cougar and the likes. “Fish group” represents all aquatic animals.  “Bird group” also represents any feathered birds like turkey, rooster and the likes.

Best Sector

This is the best location for setting up your pet’s sleeping quarter or nest.  It promotes good health and vitality for your pet because the energy of this location matches your pet’s unique energy patterns.

Weakening Sector

This is not a location for setting up your pet’s sleeping quarter or nest.  The energy here will weaken or drain the energy of your pet.

Negative Sector

This is the worst location for setting up your pet’s sleeping quarter or nest.  The energy here is fighting with your pet’s energy.  It will create serious health problem like cancer here.

RIP Kate the dog

Ken Lai

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