aspouseBirthdays” here are in terms of 60 binomials.  This also means day pillar in a birth chart.

A Bazi chart consists of year, month, day and hour pillars.  Day pillar represents the daymaster (DM) and his/ her spouse.  For example, Geng-wu, Geng-metal represents the daymaster, Wu-fire represents the spouse.

There are 10 day pillars that can get helpful people or mentors easily, especially with the help of spouse.  They are listed as follows:

  1. Jia-zi:  Zi-water stands for resource (“yin” 印) for Jia-wood DM
  2. Yi-hai:  Hai-water stands for resource (“yin” 印) for Yi-wood DM.
  3. Bing-zi:  Zi-water represents power (“guan” 官) for Bing-fire DM
  4. Ding-hai:  Hai-water represents power (“guan” 官) for Ding-fire DM.
  5. Wu-zi:  Zi-water stands for wealth (“cai” 财) for Wu-earth DM.
  6. Ji-hai:  Hai-water stands for wealth (“cai” 财) for Ji-earth DM.
  7. Geng-wu:  Wu-fire represents power (“guan” 官)for Geng-metal DM.
  8. Xin-si:  Si-fire represents power (“guan” 官)for Xin-metal DM.
  9. Ren-wu:  Wu-fire stands for wealth (“cai” 财) for Ren-water DM.
  10. Gui-si:  Si-fire stands for wealth (“cai” 财) for Gui-water DM.

Wealth (“cai” 财), power (“guan” 官)and resource (“yin” 印) are considered the three auspicious or desirable items in Bazi.  DM sits on any one of these transformation stars (“10-gods“), if favorable, means at least a helpful spouse for him/ her.

You have a one in 6 chances of getting one of these 10 day pillars.

Please check the Appendix below on how to figure out your day-pillar from your birthday.

e8f1a-sampleAppendix:  How to find the day-branch of a person

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the birthday and gender (F or M) in the input table in the left side.
    Click “CALCULATE” box
  3. Check the left color table below the input table.  See the example here:
  4. The third color column (counting from right to left) is the day branch of the person.
  5. It is “Geng-shen” in this example of someone born in June 24, 1990.

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