a_main_backdoorI have written on this topic a few weeks ago and here are some more reasons that a house does not accumulate wealth for its residents (all pictures are taken from “Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui” video course):

  1. Seeing backdoor from the front door location:  Energy, including wealth qi, is leaking through the backdoor.  This situation is also called “heart-piercing sha” in Form Feng Shui.
  2. Missing dragon side:  There is no house or “dragon” in the left side of your house.  Dragon means “helpful people/mentor”.  This could also mean there is a big missing corner in the left side of your house or the left side is much lower than the right side.a_bully
  3.  Houses at the dragon (left) and tiger (right side) of are much higher (2 storeys+) than your own house.
  4. There is no back support like another building or mountain for your house.  This means the residents lacks courage to take risks, lacks support and problem accumulating wealth.
  5. Sloping “ming-tang” or front yard.  Ming-tang stands for the wealth potential of a house and it slops away means problem keeping wealth.a_slopedown
  6. “Roll-away curtain water 卷帘水” in front door:  When one sees a long stairway once stepping out from the front door, the stairway is called “roll-away curtain water”.  It means losing wealth and children leaving home and do not return.
  7. “Dragon water exits”:  When there is a road (with traffic) at the left side of the house and the left front side also has a road sloping to the left– this is called “dragon water exits”.  This means helpful people go away.

Ken Lai
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