If you want to have a stable marriage, make sure the follow Feng Shui conditions do not exist in your house:

1.  Empty flower vases in your house, especially worse if it is put in the “peach blossom” locations of the couple (please check past articles in this blog for these locations).

2.  House facing a “V-shaped” roads— what does “V-shaped” look like?  Use your imagination.  The couple may have his or her own “extramarital” activities.

3.  Seeing bathroom upon opening main door— attracts negative “peach blossom“.

4.  Dragon side (left) is much bigger or has more stuff than tiger side of the house– this makes the husband more powerful than the wife and ignores her feelings and needs.

5.  Water/ water items in west side— this usually cause negative peach blossom for the females of the house.  West is the peach-blossom direction in Feng Shui.  (Note: If west is the right side of the house with a pond or big fountain, someone may die of severe illness or accident.  This is called “white tiger looks at mirror.“)

Some of the above conditions are difficult to remedy yourself.  Get a competent Feng Shui practitioner to fix it for you.