The main theory for Chinese metaphysics is yin-yang theory.  Hence, ordinary people called practitioners of Feng Shui, Bazi, fortune-telling, divination, QMDJ, ZWDS and the like “yin-yang teachers“.

According to ancient observations of life histories of yin-yang teachers, they had found this people do not enjoy the “complete” life of ordinary people.   It is attributed to these metaphysics people have “leaked” too many “heaven’s secrets天机”.  Heaven in turn punishes them in some aspects of their life.

Below are common ways that yin-yang teachers suffer in life:


  1. Widower 鳏 —  man with no wife or wife passed prematurely; or simply live alone
  2. Widow 寡 —  woman’s husband had passed and never remarried
  3. Orphan 孤 —  a person’s father died early or both parents passed
  4. Childless 独 — childless or no children during old age
  5. Handicap 残  — certain disability in the body


  • Money 钱 — person lives in poverty
  • Life expectancy 命– person does not live long
  • Power 权 — person does not have power.

Some metaphysics works are more “dangerous” than others.  Techniques like Fa-QMDJ (Magical QMDJ) and talismans that involves deities and ghosts are risky.  It is a taboo to use deities to make money.

Fa/ magic-related Daoist studies usually are very strict and selective on enrollment.  They will not take you simply because you give them $20k.  The teachers worries about the karma retribution of teaching the “fa” to the wrong person.  They care more about the integrity and character of the candidate.

Some teachers even require the potential student to take a “poison vow” to make sure s/he will not use the “fa” for money-grabs or betraying their teachers.  The vow usually consists of 3 choice of consequence:

  1. Handicap 残
  2. Poverty
  3. Widower 鳏 / Widow 寡

Modern response to these detriments are doing charity work and donate a certain percentage of metaphysics income to charity.

Ken Lai
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