love_triadA few weeks ago, a student “Billy” (not real name) has emailed me for guidance on a mistress Feng Shui case.

His client’s husband has hidden a mistress outside with an illegitimate child born.  Client has financial reasons not to separate with her husband but is very angry with the mistress.  Client also has bore children with the husband.

Billy is in a dilemma and afraid of karma retribution for this job.  Whatever his advice will be, one party will lose a male partner and father (also “meal ticket“).

This is a not an clear-cut case.  Billy could easily pick up someone’s karma debt by picking up this case.  Besides, two women and one guy– sometimes they may kill each other, or someone kills herself, and worst scenario, someone kills everybody.

The most dangerous job for policemen here (USA) is:  domestic disputes!  People here can own guns.

Billy should just do Feng Shui that reduces “mistress” or negative “peach blossom” and stay away from meddling with marital affair advice.  Everyone thinks s/he is the righteous party (or the wronged party) in a love triangle.  Tell them to find a marriage counselor to sort out their affairs.

Before Billy starts his Feng Shui audit,  he should check the 4-Pillars or Bazi charts of all involved.  This is to check if:

  • the affair is predestined (as shown in the charts)
  • the affair is temporary (lasts less than a year)
  • the affair is an extended event

Information from above can affect the course of action by your client (though in this case we know it is an extended affair).  Apply Bazi remedies if possible.  Take my “4-Pillars Bootcamp” course if you do not know how to do it.  Affair consultation is a staple income stream for 4P readers.

The next step is to check client’s house Feng Shui to see if it has features that attract mistress (please check my previous articles on this topic) .


  1. empty flower vases
  2. house facing a “V-shaped” roads
  3. seeing bathroom upon opening main door
  4. dragon side (left) of the house is much bigger or has more stuff than tiger side
  5. water/ water items in west side
  6. house has missing NW corner
  7. house foundation has protruding NW corner.

Undo the above if Billy finds these situation it in client’s house.  Details of remedies are not listed here.


 Ken Lai
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