losing_wealthHow does a house “leaks” wealth or have problems accumulating wealth?

The following are ways that a house “leaks” wealth:

  1. The first thing one sees when opening the front door is the stove
  2. Seeing another door or windows directly upon opening the front door  (leaking wealth)
  3. Too many windows in the living room (leaking energy/ qi)
  4. Too many windows in the bedroom (leaking qi, not accumulating qi)
  5. Wealth position* has a sink/ water tap (leaking wealth)
  6. Living room is small (indoor ming-tang, limits wealth potential) 
  7. Space outside the main door is very small (limits wealth potential)
  8. Tall building or mountain in front of house, creating pressure to residents
  9. There is a beam over the wealth position (means working very hard for money)
  10. There is a road at the back of the house
  11. There is a road at the right side of the house

*Note:  check my other articles on wealth position of a house.

Ken Lai
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